NOTE: Ski Shop Services are temporarily suspended but will be back up and running in July.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Shop Services


Base Cleaning & Prep
Old wax, klisters, grip wax, skin glue, & dirt will keep new wax from being absorbed into the base properly. This step may be necessary for skis and snowboards prior to any of our tuning and waxing services.
Infrared Hot Wax
Our Wintersteiger Wax Future Infrared waxer provides superior penetration to traditional hand iron or hotbox wax applications for longer-lasting performance. We use a temperature specific wax (will default to our local conditions, be sure to specify if you're traveling!) and hand-brush finish.
DPS Phantom Wax
A revolutionary permanent hydrophobic base treatment, this all-temp universal treatment will last for the life of the ski. While you can still use traditional wax on top of the treatment, many will find the performance meets all their needs. For DIY'ers buy the phantom single application direct from us and find a sunny day for the products 2 step curing process. price is for the Phantom 2.0 product only, not including application
DPS Phantom Application
Mountain Shop is an authorized Phantom Installer. Our Phantom Cure Station uses direct UV light and is the most precise and fastest method to apply Phantom to skis or snowboards. Application requires a clean, unblemished base, so most used skis will require a full tune beforehand.
New Ski Tune
Get your new skis mountain ready. Tips & tails detuned to the contact point and infrared hot wax.
Edge Tune & Infrared Hot Wax
Our quick tune will get you sliding faster and turning better. Edges sharpened with ceramic disk edger, tips & tails detuned to the contact point, and infrared hot wax.
Full Tune
Refresh your bases with our custom pattern designed for Northwest conditions to increase glide and efficiency. Edges tuned, bases inspected and flattened, minor base damage repaired, diamond-etched stone ground base structure applied for optimal performance, and finished with infrared hot wax.
Alpine Race Tune
Our custom tuning package gives Nordic and Alpine skiers a US Ski Team quality tune right here in Portland. Our Full Tune plus the following: Custom base/edge angles, customized base structure for target venue and snow conditions, antistatic treatment to minimize electrostatic friction, infrared hot wax with choice of wax specific to snow conditions meticulously brushed and polished to perfection.
Nordic Touring Tune
This tune will help bring your skis glide zone back to life, allowing you to ski faster, longer, and with less fatigue. Bases cleaned and stone-ground with custom structure for optimal performance, finished with infrared hot wax.
Performance Nordic Tune
Maximize your ski performance with this tune designed to increase glide and efficiency. Base inspection and cleaning with minor p-tex repair and flattening, diamond-etched stone grind, finished with location and snow-condition specific Infrared Hot Wax.
Custom Nordic Race Tune
Our performance Nordic tune plus the following: Customized base structure for location and conditions, antistatic treatment to minimize electrostatic friction, choice of high performance wax.
Stone Grind
This a la carte service is for DIY'ers or prepping bases for Phantom Wax applications. Just a stone grind base structuring without any repair, edge tuning, or wax.
Alpine Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or skis from us. $25 w/purchase!
Alpine Touring, Telemark, & System Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or skis from us. $25 w/ purchase!
Snowboard Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or board from us! $10 w/purchase
Cross Country Mount
Save on mounting costs when you purchase boot, binding and/or skis from us! $10 w/purchase
Alpine Binding Adjustment
Adjustments to boot with Speedtronic calibrated DIN settings. $15 w/purchase
Base Repair
P-Tex and base weld for major base damage including core shots. This can be done a la carte or added to the price of one of our tuning services. We recommend a full tune after any major base repair.
$20 min. + shop rate
Topsheet Repair
Epoxy of cuts, holes, or flappers in the topsheet to prevent moisture damage to the core.
$20 min. + shop rate
Edge Repair
Repair/replacement for major edge damage. May be done a la carte or added to the price of other tuning services. Major edge repair will require a full tune after completion for proper on-snow performance.
$50 min. + shop rate
Delamination Repair
Base, topsheet, or sidewall delamination may be repaired if the core is still sound. May require additional tuning services.
$50 min. + Shop Rate
General Shop Rate
Hourly shop rate billed in minimum 15 minute increments for work outside the scope of listed services. Parts not included.
$80 / hour
Skin Trim
$10 w/ Purchase
Quiver Killer
Per 16 screw set (includes ASTM)
Air Bag Cannister refill
BCA, Arva, and Mammurt
Boot Punching/Modifications
Stretch and/or grind for a custom fit
$40 per hour
Boot Buckle Replacement
New buckles for Alpine and AT boots - cost includes parts + labor
$30 for each
Ankle Rivet Replacement
New rivets for Alpine or AT boots